Where are you?
I am based in South Liverpool L19, less than 5 minutes drive from John Lennon airport.

How much do you charge for a cake?
Prices start from as little as £55 for a 6” celebration cake. Each cake made is bespoke so the price really depends on size and design options. Feel free to ring me to make an enquiry. If I don’t answer your call straight away, do not panic! This could be due to two reasons: Icing and phones don’t mix well together so i’m running off to wash my hands, or I am probably working on a detailed part of someone else’s cake so cannot take the call. I like to make sure I am giving each cake my full attention and i’m sure you’d appreciate me not rushing any work that a client has paid hard earned cash for. I will make sure any unanswered calls will be dealt as soon as possible.

Why are wedding cakes more expensive than normal celebration cakes?
Because it’s your big day, everything must be perfect. Wedding cakes tend to incorporate more complicated designs, extra detailing and certain sugarcraft items are made differently to those placed on celebration cakes. All this takes extra time, but sometimes it’s worth paying for better quality don’t you think?

Save the date
7-10 days notice is appreciated for celebration cakes and around 2 months for wedding cakes. All cake orders will only be confirmed once a £20 non- refundable deposit is paid for celebration cakes, and £100 for wedding cakes. Payment can be made securely using paypal or through a bank transfer and a receipt will be sent out to you. The remaining balance of cakes can be paid in cash when collecting. If it is an item due for delivery then it must be fully paid for 2 days prior to it being sent out.

Some people ask why I have to ask for a deposit, and the answer is simple. I can only take on a certain number of cakes a week, and dates are limited especially if weddings are booked in. If any cakes are made and not collected then I will have not only made a loss on materials and labour, but someone else may have wanted a cake on the same day and I may have had to turn them away. So don’t take it personally, I am just making sure you and I have the comfort of knowing your cake is definitely in the works! Any party occasion is stressful enough without having to worry if the cake is made.

Do you deliver?
I do offer delivery services. This is highly recommended for orders of cakes stacked 3 tiers and above to reduce any chances of damage in transit. Local delivery is £5. For anywhere outside of South Liverpool, I charge 40p per mile (mileage calculated on a round trip. As much as I’d love to stop for tea and a chin wag, i’m afraid home is where the cakes are so I have to get back).

Cakey love and aftercare

If you do not wish to have your cake delivered then feel free to arrange a suitable time to collect at your convenience. However, please note that once your cake is handed over to you, it is yours and studio8cakes cannot take responsibility for any damage incurred thereafter. This includes damage in transit due to improper handling, reckless/ inappropriate driving speeds/ leaving cake in a warm vehicle. Here are a few things to note down prior to you making a collection:

Boot space
All cakes are recommended to be stored FLAT in the boot of the car. Most cakes are stored in 10” to 14” boxes. However, you may be ordering something longer in size, or orders that will be stored in multiple boxes. Please ensure you have enough space. If in doubt, then give me a call to check how your cake is packaged.

Unfortunately there are a series of speedbumps enroute to Studio8cakes, so please take extra care when approaching them. All cakes are built structurely sound and will withstand a reasonable amount of movement. My gravity defying Competition piece made it all the way to Manchester and back with no problems so please remember, respectable driving equals a respected cake.

Items on Cake Which Are Not Edible
Please note that there maybe items on your cake which are not edible, these must be removed for your safety and that of your guests before cutting the cake and eating it. If you are not cutting the cake yourself, please pass this information on to the person concerned. Any such items will be explained prior to the cake leaving the premises.

Cakey autograph please
When anyone receives their cake, whether it is collection or delivery, a signature is required to acknowledge the cake has been presented to you in good, satisfactory form, and to accept that the cake is under your care. If the person signing is not the person that placed the cake order, then they are signing on behalf of the person that placed the order. No one likes to be faced with this next bit but If you are not happy with your cake then please let me know within 24 hours of collecting. The original cake must be returned in person to prove as evidence for any claims made against it. (photo evidence alone is not acceptable). Examples of dissatisfaction may include: If the wrong cake was received i.e. A model of a boat on top of the cake instead of the cake being shaped like a boat. The cake was damaged before leaving studio8cakes or names misspelled beyond cosmetic repair.

Because these are bespoke cakes, complaints regarding edible items, cakes, personalised products and samples are non-returnable and exchanges or refunds will not be authorised on these types of items. Unfortunately, everyone’s brains have different images rolling around and how you visualise an idea may not be the same visual interpretation that I have, resulting in conflictions regarding the end product. These can include colour, shades, size or flavour, and if not specified when ordering will not be authorised as a genuine reason for complaint. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your cake, please let me know at the point of collection or delivery, that way I can do my very best to rectify the cake; there may be an additional charge for this.

Cake storage
Wow how depressing was that last bit to write? Cakes are all about fun and eating! So here’s the best way to store your yummy delights. Once collected, the cake are best stored in a cool dry place – NOT in the fridge (unless instructed otherwise by myself). Sometimes I use airbrushed colours, edible sundries which may perish/dry out/ bleed/ warp if stored in the fridge. The icing is enough to seal in freshness for a week from collection date and so any leftovers can be placed in an airtight container instead.

Food & Nut Allergy Warning
Nuts:- Please note our cakes are made in an environment where nuts and nut produces are used.
Dairy Produces: – Please note our cakes are made in an environment where milk, eggs, & dairy produces are used. Gluten or Wheat Produces: – Please note our cakes are made in an environment where gluten and wheat produces are used.

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